Kayla's Korner

Kayla's Korner presented by Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue

Kayla was DogTrekker's first Director of Barketing™. She was a 14-year old, yellow Labrador retriever, who was the inspiration for DogTrekker.com. She passed away in the spring of 2016, but her legacy lives on through DogTrekker.com.

Kayla, better known as K.K., traveled the state and beyond, giving her bark of approval to dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches, lakes, wineries, boats, trains, stores, ballparks and much more. Here are her favorite "4-paws up" experiences as determined by her wags per minute and smiles per mile. Check out her stories below.

For a list of  Labs available for adoption from the GGLRR, click here.

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Kayla’s Life-Saving Contribution

Roxanne, Dana and Kayla vow to fight the cancer
Roxanne, Dana and Kayla vow to fight the cancer

Two years after the launch of DogTrekker.com, Kayla got very sick, or at least we thought she did. Still a healthy, nine-year-old Lab with boundless energy, she became quiet, lethargic and not really that interested in food. She followed Roxanne around the house, whining constantly. Tests were done to rule out many potential issues, including cancer. The results were negative but still troubling, since her symptoms were not getting better.

Kayla and Roxanne go for a ride
Kayla and Roxanne go for a ride
A few nights prior to heading off to UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Davis for yet another round of evaluations, we were in bed when, at around 4 a.m., Kayla jumped up, put her head near Roxanne’s left arm and began pawing her breast area. Roxanne, who’d had a mammogram just a few months before, decided to check the breast closest to Kayla. She found a small lump. more »

Kayla, Director of Barketing

Kayla at the top of Seven Falls, Santa Barbara
Kayla at the top of Seven Falls, Santa Barbara

DogTrekker.com wouldn’t be here without Kayla, our “research Lab,” director of barketing and chief operating dog since the website was launched in 2011. But yes, our primary inspiration has left us and is now at the Rainbow Bridge with all the four-legged buddies who left before her.

Kayla and Lola at Lake Laginitas, Marin County
Kayla and Lola at Lake Lagunitas, Marin County
Kayla is no longer in pain and can once again run like a Lab, swim like a Lab and, most importantly, eat like a Lab. The past few years have been a challenge for her and our family, yet she always had a smile on her face, a wag in her tail and showed undeniable excitement when asked if she wanted to take a ride or go on a trip. more »

Kayla's Water Walk

One of Kayla's favorite walks as a 'senior' dog was along the San Rafael waterfront adjacent to Loch Lomond Marina. She began walking this trail as a puppy some 14 years ago. Back then, this was a rough rock-strewn path that leads around the spit that ends at the entrance to the marina.

Kayla on the path
Kayla's favorite walk along the water.
With the development of the new housing development known as The Strand, the path has been leveled and then paved, with benches and tables placed along the path. This is the perfect walk for any dog, especially senior dogs (and of course those of us who are senior dog walkers). A perfect day includes stopping by the adjacent Andy's Market, picking up lunch, and heading for the parking area. This is a posted 'dogs on leash' area.

Kayla near the boat slip
Kayla poses with the boats.
 more »

Afternoon Dog Party in Berkeley's San Pablo Park

Hannah, Maggie and Max
Hannah, Maggie and Max
DogTrekker.com's Chief Operating Dog, Kayla, was in a meet and greet mood when she attended an impromptu Dog Party that was held at Berkeley's San Pablo Park on Saturday afternoon. There was a dog-headed bounce house, dogs to play with and lots of twenty- and thirty-somethings (plus a few of us old dogs) having fun. more »

Kayla at the Little River Inn

Kayla at the Little River Inn
Kayla at the Little River Inn
Kayla loves the Little River Inn for so many reasons. The staff is always so welcoming, she can take a short path from the property to play and swim at the Van Damme State Park beach, she can dine with her best friends in the Little River Inn Restaurant's 'Parlor', she can get up on the comfortable beds using the protective sheets that are provided and so much more. more »

Kayla at the Waterfront Hotel

Kayla at the Waterfront Hotel
Kayla at the Waterfront Hotel
Kayla decided to attend Jack London Square's Boo! Bark, Brews & Bites Halloween party and spent the night at the Joie de Vivre's Waterfront Hotel, which was just steps away from the fun. more »

Kayla in Calistoga

Kayla at Chanric
One of Kayla's favorite places to stay
Kayla and the DogTrekker.com co-founders traveled to dog-friendly Calistoga for a nice weekend of hiking, wine tasting (over two dozen dog-friendly wineries just in Calistoga), dining and pretty much kicking back. We choose a DogTrekker.com favorite, the Chanric Inn which is close to downtown. more »

Kayla Goes Local!

Kayla & Lola Walk the red carpet
Lola & Kayla Walk the Red Carpet
While DogTrekker.com is certainly all about travel around the great dog-state of California, it's also about spending time in your own community enjoying what it has to offer in the way of dog-friendly events.

DogTrekker.com features thousands of hometown events each year throughout the state, all easily organized by region, county and city, and easily found on our Events tab.

Kayla spent this last weekend enjoying the great Bay Area weather, attending some of the more unusual events she found on the site. more »

Kayla Visits Cable Car Coffee

Heading south on H/W 101 just past the first Mill Valley exit (East Blithedale), on the way to DogTrekker.com HQ, Kayla lifts her head up from the backseat of the car and looks around. As we exit off the freeway onto Redwood Highway, she stands up and her head goes out the window. By time we turn in to one of the double driveways of the Cable Car Coffee kiosk, her nose is working overtime and sometimes she has to be warned to stay inside the car -- leaning is OK, climbing out isn't. more »

Shasta Serenity

Kayla is definitely a road-warrior. Say wanna go for a ride? – her ears are up, tail is wagging, leash is in her mouth, she’s in the car, and it’s full-sniff ahead.  One of her favorite road trips is the Shasta Cascade region of Northern California, which actually covers about 20 percent of California. Back-country dog-friendly trails, lakes and rivers abound, as do dog-friendly accommodations. more »

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