Kayla's Water Walk

Kayla's Water Walk

One of Kayla's favorite walks as a 'senior' dog was along the San Rafael waterfront adjacent to Loch Lomond Marina. She began walking this trail as a puppy some 14 years ago. Back then, this was a rough rock-strewn path that leads around the spit that ends at the entrance to the marina.

With the development of the new housing development known as The Strand, the path has been leveled and then paved, with benches and tables placed along the path. This is the perfect walk for any dog, especially senior dogs (and of course those of us who are senior dog walkers). A perfect day includes stopping by the adjacent Andy's Market, picking up lunch, and heading for the parking area. This is a posted 'dogs on leash' area.
Kayla on the path
Kayla's favorite walk along the water.
Kayla near the boat slip
Kayla poses with the boats.
Kayla making a new friend
All the dogs love Kayla.
Kayla smiling
Kayla knows this path well.
Kayla and a new friend
Kayla, the socialite.
Kayla enjoying the view
Kayla takes in the view.
Kayla on the path
It's a good day to be out and exercising.
Kayla loves this walk!
Now it's time to head home.

Posted on: June 29, 2016

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