Kayla, Director of Barketing

Kayla, Director of Barketing

Kayla at the top of Seven Falls, Santa Barbara
Kayla at the top of Seven Falls, Santa Barbara

DogTrekker.com wouldn’t be here without Kayla, our “research Lab,” director of barketing and chief operating dog since the website was launched in 2011. But yes, our primary inspiration has left us and is now at the Rainbow Bridge with all the four-legged buddies who left before her.

Kayla and Lola at Lake Laginitas, Marin County
Kayla and Lola at Lake Lagunitas, Marin County

Kayla is no longer in pain and can once again run like a Lab, swim like a Lab and, most importantly, eat like a Lab. The past few years have been a challenge for her and our family, yet she always had a smile on her face, a wag in her tail and showed undeniable excitement when asked if she wanted to take a ride or go on a trip.

Mohamed and Kayla were on a first name basis
Mohamed helps Kayla to her room at the San Jose Fairmont

Those who had the chance to meet our amazing girl knew how special she was. She had a way of engaging everyone, whether in our local neighborhood, on the trails, at adoptathons and especially at hotels. Front desk greeters knew her by name and laughed as she went behind the counter looking for her regular treats. Bellhops across the state greeted her by name. When her hips started to give out, they used luggage carts to get her to our room. Concierges turned to DogTrekker.com and its “Kayla’s Korner” feature to assist guests with their dog-friendly activities.

Kayla boards the Skunk Train, Fort Bragg
Kayla boards the skunk train in Fort Bragg

Kayla came into our household in June 2002, joining Coco, our other yellow Lab, and Nicky, a snow-white American Shorthair kitty. Kayla brought boundless energy to the household and especially to the aging Coco, no doubt adding many years to her life. Coco and Kayla (aka KK) became instant traveling partners, paw-testing many of California’s trails, splash zones, hotels, campgrounds, trains and much, much more.

Kayla enjoying doggy amenities at Shorebreak Huntington Beach
Kayla enjoying doggy amenities at Shorebreak, Huntington Beach

When Coco headed off to the Rainbow Bridge, KK became top dog and continued her travels throughout all regions of our Golden State, generating more wags per mile than any other dog in our many years of traveling with four-legged companions. These on-the-road experiences became the blueprint for DogTrekker.com. Kayla didn’t make it to all the thousands of dog-friendly places we list on the site, but she certainly made the most of those she put her paw prints on.

Kayla prancing with her leash
Kayla complies with leash laws

Bay Woof magazine recognized Kayla this way when naming us “Best Dog-Friendly Travel Website” in 2015: “DogTrekker’s Director of Barketing —a lovely yellow Lab named Kayla—is your guide to a website full of travel possibilities in the Golden State. Lots of paw-tested destinations throughout California are catalogued, with detailed itineraries provided for select locales.”

Kayla's favorite pastime!
Kayla's favorite pastime!

Kayla, you will be missed by all.

Posted on: July 5, 2016

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