The Perfect Dog

The Perfect Dog

Founded in 2010, The Perfect Dog takes dogs who stand a poor chance of adoption in the South Bay's shelters due to overcrowding issues, or the fact that their breed was overrepresented that week (Chihuahuas, anyone?), or they need a bit of medical or training attention. "If it needs help, we will do what it takes to find a way to help the dog," says Diana Rapa, founder of this all-volunteer 501(c)3 group. "We believe in giving every dog a chance and we believe there is the right home for every dog out there." Rapa, a professional dog handler whose own dogs include a deaf dog she's trained using hand signals, has some experience in the matter (she's also the founder of the Bay Area Deaf Dog Club, which has monthly play groups well worth checking out if you've got a deafie).

fella at perfect dogRecently arrived in a Perfect Dog foster home is this cute young guy, dubbed Fella, whose sole behavioral quirk is reported to be a fondness for chewing clothing. Since he's about a year old, to say nothing of low to the ground, this seems like something that can be addressed with training and management. Meanwhile, he's housetrained, lovely with other dogs, and also great with kids — he'd be a very good family dog. He's generally enjoying the amenities of home life while awaiting a more permanent situation. Check him out here.

Photo: Fella-The Perfect Dog

Posted on: January 20, 2012

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