Rocket Dog Rescue (2011)

Rocket Dog Rescue (2011)

Back in 2001, Pali Boucher founded Rocket Dog Rescue in honor of Leadbelly, a dog she bailed out of a San Francisco city shelter and ultimately credited with turning her own life around. Legendary as a friend of the dogs in the overcrowded, under-resourced Northern California city and county shelters, she's built a notable network of volunteers dedicated to saving them, at the rate of hundreds of dogs a year.

Dogs who need a safe place to land for a bit of extra nurturing, some medical attention, or some emotional TLC--impossible in the shelter environment--find a haven with Rocket Dog's dedicated fosters until their perfect home comes along. And when they're ready to meet their prospective new families, Rocket Dog's adoptions events offer just the opportunity.

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Posted on: November 21, 2011

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