Grateful Dogs Rescue

Grateful Dogs Rescue

Grateful Dogs Rescue

Since we last checked in with Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco, they've been hard at work, rescuing the dogs who are too untrained, terrified, sick or injured to make the "adoptable" list in shelters. Grateful Dogs gives these needy souls the TLC they require to get into loving and well-suited homes. Volunteers tell us that lately the group often finds mother dogs languishing in shelters after their puppies have been snapped up, and gets them to safety.

They also work to educate the public—sometimes one backyard breeder at a time—on the fatal consequences of backyard breeding to the dogs themselves; Chihuahuas and pit bulls in particular are so exploited for a quick buck that they land in shelters in overwhelming numbers.

Grateful Dogs also spends a lot of time and money rehabilitating dogs who land in their care with illnesses or injuries. Take Achilles here, a little ball of energy and fun whose joie de vivre of today wasn't too much in evidence when he was found by the side of the freeway with a broken pelvis.

After surgery and rehab, this bouncy young guy, currently about 7 months old, is active, playful and affectionate. He loves kids, comes when called, and his house training is excellent. Perhaps because of his accident, he's afraid of loud noises, especially cars and trucks, so a quiet home might be best. Maybe yours?

Posted on: June 16, 2013

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