Dogworks Canine Rescue

Dogworks Canine Rescue

Doberman Pinschers' good looks and lively personalities can often lead to ill-advised adoptions. That's where DogWorks Canine Rescue comes in, taking in Dobes from Northern California shelters and owners unprepared for the breed's needs.

"Originally Dobermans were bred in Germany to be guard dogs," explains DogWorks' Joleene Ladyman, "but in the U.S., they have been 'softened' to be family companions appreciated for their alertness, faithfulness, intelligence, trainability, beauty and sense of humor. Dobes can be 'high maintenance' due to some health conditions in the breed, and they are a high-energy working breed. Many young Dobes are given up to rescues because their adopters did not realize how much exercise and attention they need to thrive and develop into ideal companions."

Meanwhile, adds Ladyman, the economy is causing still others to lose their homes. One recent rescue is Chris, a beautiful, sweet young guy who landed in a shelter as a stray, suffering from serious anemia and internal bleeding, probably from an injury. DogWorks supporters came through with donations, and Chris is recovering nicely.

Posted on: April 26, 2011

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