Border Collie Rescue of Northern California

Border Collie Rescue of Northern California

Border CollieLegendary for their brains, energy and work ethic, Border Collies are fabulous companions for those who understand them, and often come to grief with those who don't. That's why the dedicated volunteers of Border Collie Rescue—breeders, exhibitors and fans—work together to provide a safety net for these dogs and get them into good homes. As they put it, “We feel that the responsibility for caring for lost, neglected and abused Border Collies must rest with those who know and love the breed.”

Recently the rescue's president donated an 18-acre property north of Sacramento to serve as a sanctuary for rescued BCs, offering not only a safe place to stay and receive training and treatment, but also room to roam, a pond to splash in, and sheep to herd.

Posted on: December 3, 2010

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