Pets Lifeline 2017

Pets Lifeline 2017

Arabella - Pets Lifeline
Photo: Arabella - Pets Lifeline

Puppy Arabella can't hear a word you're saying (despite her incredibly cute ears), but it's never occurred to her that she's missing anything. Currently a guest of Pets Lifeline in Sonoma, she's having a fine time in her foster home, where she's learning hand signs for basic commands and doing very nicely. Her three canine foster sisters are great buds, and she's done well in playgroups with other young dogs.

When it comes to people, this girl never met a stranger. Everyone she meets is an instant friend. This petite pit bull mix is very smart and loves to learn.

Arabella's looking for her own person, someone to provide plenty of interaction and fun activities. Previous experience with deaf dogs is a plus, but patience, willingness to learn new communication skills, and a few simple workarounds will serve you well in building a relationship with this sweetie. To find out more, or set up a meet and greet, go here.

Arabella's just one of many animals in Sonoma County who find themselves lost, in trouble, or just homeless, and Pets Lifeline has been coming to their rescue since 1982. Now Pets Lifeline also offers a wide range of services to local pets and their humans, including training classes, microchips, and spay/neuter services. Then there's the Saturday morning Read to the Animals program, where kids sharpen their skills by reading aloud to shelter animals, and the animals de-stress listening to the sound of the kids' voices. If you're in Sonoma on Saturday morning, come check it out!

Posted on: September 25, 2017

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