Napa Humane 2018

Napa Humane 2018

Kind Kids collection at the public library<br>Photo Courtesy: Napa Humane
Kind Kids collection at the public library
Photo Courtesy: Napa Humane

Our friends at Napa Humane have found themselves extra busy in recent months, as the fires of fall swept across the region last October, causing many critters to go astray in dangerous conditions or lose their homes, temporarily or permanently, as their humans fled the flames and gathered in evacuation centers. Working with other local animal welfare groups, Napa Humane stepped up during and after the fires, shuttling dogs to safety in their vans, providing veterinary assistance at shelters, and assisting fire victims and their animal companions with ongoing needs.

Meanwhile, the organization's vaccination/spay and neuter clinics provided essential services to help local residents keep their dogs and cats healthy and prevent unwanted litters. With the help of volunteers from the local veterinary community, Napa Humane also hosted three veterinary wellness clinics for pets living in low-income neighborhoods, providing necessary services to families who love their pets but lack funds.

Looking to the next generation, Napa Humane joined forces with the Napa Public Library to create the Kind Kids (collection of books), fostering positive relationships with engaging stories and practical advice on such subjects as how to act around dogs and care for them, as well as dealing with the heartbreak of losing a pet. The reading list is also available as a shared resource for schools and families.

Posted on: February 9, 2018

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