Lily's Legacy 2011

Lily's Legacy 2011

Since we first checked in with Lily's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary last year, we're delighted to report that quite a few canine old-timers have been lucky enough to benefit from the dedicated efforts of this group, inspired by the original Lily, a sweet, loving golden retriever. Founder Alice Mayn has gathered a growing community of hard-working volunteers whose skills encompass grant-writing, dog-walking, fostering, and putting together the annual Lily's Legacy Golf Tournament fundraiser.

As a result, elderly large-breed dogs (those 7 years or older and 50 pounds or larger), whose prospects are often bleak in the shelter system, have a safety net at Lily's Legacy, whether they find new adoptive homes or wind up as permanent residents at the sanctuary, usually due to medical issues.

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Posted on: December 15, 2011

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