Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch 2018

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch 2018

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch 2018

Meet Bart, a large, easygoing senior guy who may be a bit past his crazy running-around stage but is enjoying excellent health in his golden years. He's looking for people who share his taste for the more relaxed sort of leisure activities: lounging in the sun, watching TV, and going for the occasional quiet stroll. Other dogs? He likes 'em.

If Bart sounds like the guy for you, get in touch with his friends at Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch to set up a meeting! Send an email to Deassa Binstock at deassa@jamesonrescueranch.org to get things going.

The good folks at JARR have been stepping up for Napa Valley's animals in need, and their people, for some years now. Since we last checked in with them, there's been an exciting development, as the rescue closed escrow in April on an idyllic property, surrounded by vineyards, that will serve as its headquarters. It's a place for dogs (also cats, horses, pigs and whoever else needs a haven) to get the care they need en route to their new homes. The new facility is scheduled for a 2020 opening.

All this, of course, costs a lot of money. Fortunately, JARR has a lot of community support, including fundraising events like the epic (and sold out) WineaPAWlooza on July 28. Last year's event brought in over $1 million in support of JARR's work—which has turned out well for Bart and his friends!

Photo: Bart - Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Posted on: July 16, 2018

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