Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch 2017

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch 2017

Annie and friends - Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch
Annie and friends - Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

When Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch says it doesn't give up on the dogs it takes in, the commitment is real. Take the story of Annie, who landed there after an unsuccessful shelter adoption. The pretty white pit-mix girl's separation anxiety and fear of confinement were so severe she'd break out of crates and scale fences with ease. Her deafness made it harder to communicate and reassure her, and more than one expert recommended euthanizing her.

But not JARR. JARR worked on building her a safe kennel, getting her anti-anxiety meds, and working with a specialized trainer. Networking to get Annie the resources she needed, JARR connected with Texas-based Hot Mess Pooches Rescue and Sanctuary. "They stepped up and took her into their program, where she will be for at least a year before she is ready for a new home," says JARR's Julia Orr. "Annie has come so far, and she still has some ways to go, but she is doing well in training to help her be a normal dog so she can finally find her forever home."

JARR has made itself a lifesaving resource for animals in and around Napa Valley, especially those like Annie who need some serious healing up before they're ready to go home. Even better, JARR offers support to local families to help keep dogs in the homes they've already got, whether it's emergency food, medical attention, or training assistance that's needed.  All of which, and much more, is made possible by huge community support—like this year's WineaPAWlooza, which raised significant funds for JARR's lifesaving work.

Benjamin, Jameson Animal Rescue
Benny - Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Currently enjoying JARR's hospitality, and hoping he'll soon be enjoying yours instead, is little Benny here. No sad story here, just cuteness: at 6 months, he's 11 pounds of love, with soulful eyes and a cheery curly tail. He'll get a bit bigger, but not much. He's definitely ready for his forever family, and he's already got the skills to fit in: he's crate trained, house trained, great with other dogs and cats. What are you waiting for? Email Deassa Binstock at deassa@jamesonrescueranch.org to arrange a meet-and-greet.

Photos courtesy: Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Posted on: September 14, 2017

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