Rocket Dog Rescue 2015

Rocket Dog Rescue 2015

Oliver the dog

Here's Oliver, who's just over three months old. He's currently having a fine old time in his foster home and playing with the resident dog while he waits for his forever person to come along. But it almost didn't turn out that way.

Not long ago, a passer-by heard strange sounds coming from a trash can, and quickly discovered it contained a puppy tied in a trash bag. The little waif soon landed with Rocket Dog Rescue, where word is that he's a happy, sweet little guy who seems to have picked up housetraining skills and walks nicely on a leash. If you'd like to add this boy to your family and give him a lifetime of love, send an email to

Saving dogs like Oliver is all in a day's work for San Francisco's own Rocket Dog Rescue, whose current adoptables can be seen every Sunday at Pet Food Express in Stonestown, as well as many other Bay Area locations. Founded 12 years ago, they've saved over 6,000 dogs from untimely death in overcrowded shelters, and gotten them into loving homes instead. Last year, thanks to huge volunteer and community support, they opened an Urban Sanctuary in East Oakland, which serves as a safe haven for rescued dogs and offers interim housing for animals caught up in domestic violence situations, as well as rescued animals who need specialized care.

For a look at current Rocket Dogs seeking homes, go here.

Posted on: February 17, 2015

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