Northern California Sled Dog Rescue

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue 2014


Here's Nick, doing what he does best, soaking up the human love (in this case, as his short coat gets a grooming). This sweet malamute-mix guy is 10 years old, but acts a good deal younger, leaping happily into the car when it's time for an outing. He has excellent leash manners, gets along well with most dogs, and loves people—which tends to be his undoing, as separation anxiety kicks in when his person leaves him alone. The right person for Nick is one who can be with him most of the time—someone who's retired or works at home, or someone who can take him with them when they're out and about. Looking for someone to go on DogTreks with you? He is so your guy.

Nick is currently enjoying the care of Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NORSLED), which has saved and rehomed 200 Nordic-breed (and occasionally other) dogs since its founding in 1998. With weekly adoption fairs around the Bay Area, NORSLED offers plenty of opportunities to meet and greet huskies, malamutes, Samoyeds and more, one of whom may be the dog of your dreams. Check out some of them here.

Posted on: March 4, 2014

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