Northern California Sled Dog Rescue 2020

NorSled 2020

Photos: Canyon bidding farewell to friends at Sage Veterinary Center; Canyon now - NorSled
Photos: Canyon bidding farewell to friends at Sage Veterinary Center; Canyon now - NorSled
These days, a lot of huskies, malamutes and other big furry snow-loving dogs find themselves in shelters, often after finding new and imaginative ways to get in trouble. People fall hard for those cute fuzzy puppies--and are often unprepared for big, high-energy, playful, demanding escape artists. As the Bay Area's go-to rescue for Nordic breeds, NorSled (Northern California Sled Dog Rescue) often gets the call from a shelter desperate to find a haven for a dog who arrives with medical needs the shelter can't handle.

Canyon here looks pretty gorgeous now, but it was a whole different story for this young husky pup, who was about 6 months old last month when he was hit by a truck. His hindquarters were badly injured, and his family had no resources to care for him. They surrendered him to the shelter so he'd get care. The shelter called NorSled.

Canyon's scapula was broken, and so was his right hind leg--in two places. He was rushed to Sage Veterinary Center where Dr. Marty Aitken performed surgery and managed to save the injured leg. Since then, Canyon's making a great recovery in his foster home and is accepting applications from families seeking to give this sweet, active boy a safe and happy home.

Canyon is actually one of three--unrelated!--husky puppies who landed in different shelters with broken legs over the last few weeks, and, of course, 100% volunteer NorSled was there to get them to safety. All of which is only possible thanks to the kindness of vets who provide services to rescues at much reduced charges, and to donors who help out in times of need. Canyon and his friends are very grateful for that safety net!

Posted on: January 21, 2020

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