Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NORSLED)

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NORSLED)

NorsledNorSled (Northern California Sled Dog Rescue) is an all-volunteer non-profit that rescues, rehabilitates and finds homes for huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds and mixes of these breeds found in shelters across Northern California, and sometimes parts of the Central Valley and Western Nevada.

In 2010, they placed approximately 210 dogs, and have placed over 1,400 since their founding in 1998. Quite often the dogs they help are in need of a bit of extra training or TLC, particularly medical assistance. Crush, a lovely red fellow, is a new arrival, found in a field suffering from a gunshot wound.

Then there's Mr. Rogers here, who's just off to his new neighborhood. He landed in the shelter with a broken paw, which the shelter couldn't afford to fix. NorSled got him treated and into a foster home, where he had a chance to heal up until his new family found him!

Posted on: April 26, 2011

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