NorCal Aussie Rescue

NorCal Aussie Rescue

Milo Since its founding in 2003, NorCal Aussie Rescue has found loving, forever homes for over 1,000 purebred Australian Shepherds of all ages.

The rescue's hillside sanctuary in Grass Valley offers a haven for as many as 30 dogs at a time. As for the reasons these very popular dogs end up in rescue? 

"Everyone seems to think Aussies are adorable and smart," says founder Kim Kuenlen, "but not everyone is up for the task of caring for a smart and energetic Aussie! That's partially why there are so many abandoned Aussies in shelters. Additionally, people often find that their Aussie is intolerant of their young children, or guards their children from others. And last, people are still losing their homes and jobs and need to give up their pets."

Kim adds, "Thanks to the generous support from donors, we will take any Aussie at any age, as long as it's adoptable. We take extremely good care of our dogs and make sure they go into their new homes with a clean bill of health, including clean teeth!"

Posted on: August 11, 2011

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