Eastern Sierra ANimal Rescue

Eastern Sierra Animal Rescue

Little Prince

Founded in 2008, Eastern Sierra Dog Rescue helps save dogs who land in the Inyo County Animal Shelter in Big Pine. Besides recruiting foster homes to get dogs out of the shelter, they hold regular adoption events where shelter dogs can meet and greet prospective adopters. In addition, they work to educate the community at large about dog welfare.

Says co-founder Nancy Hardy, "The small Inyo County Animal Shelter always has a great selection of cats, small dogs and larger dogs of many breeds. For a small place we really get some fantastic dogs that need new homes, so sometimes visitors enjoy looking for a new pet at our shelter when they are visiting the area."

Also promoting the adoption of the dogs and cats in the county shelter is ICARE of the Eastern Sierra. Since 1996, this all-volunteer group has helped the county shelter dramatically reduce its impound and euthanasia rates with a variety of successful efforts, especially its spay/neuter program, which last year kept over 800 dogs and cats from contributing to pet overpopulation.

Currently in foster in Mammoth Lakes and looking for a home is Little Prince, a 7-month-old pit bull cross. He's living with four female dogs, and has been enjoying such activities as hiking, swimming, and playing with his foster sisters. His foster mom says he is sweet and easy. To find out more about Little Prince, contact his foster mom, Michelle Mather, at (760) 709-1422.

Posted on: September 1, 2012

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