New Training Classes at the East Bay SPCA

New Training Classes at the East Bay SPCA

Photo: Jordan - East Bay SPCA
Photo: Jordan - East Bay SPCA

The East Bay SPCA has completely revamped their training classes to accommodate the modern needs of the urban or suburban dog while using the most effective, cutting-edge, scientifically supported learning theory and teaching methods.

"Skill Builders" is the entry level class designed to teach general good manners in the home and the foundation necessary for more advanced training.

"Connection Boosters" provides that more advanced training and focuses on the skills and relationship enabling a dog to join their owner anywhere dogs are allowed, from outdoor restaurants to off-leash hikes or city walks.

Meet Jordan, a rescue looking for his forever home at the East Bay SPCA. He's 9 months old, a shepherd-Lab mix, and, as you'd expect from that description, a happy young guy bursting with energy. Most of which he doesn't quite know what to do with yet, but he's eager to learn. Meanwhile, he loves tennis balls, chew toys, fleece toys, and anything else that looks like it might be fun to play with.

Jordan, in short, will do best with adult supervision. And training, to bond with his family and show him (and them) what's expected. With kindness, patience, and structure.

Luckily, the East Bay SPCA's Dog Training Program, with classes in both Dublin and Oakland, is there to help, whether you adopt Jordan, another dog or have one that needs a tune-up. Positive reinforcement rules the day, from puppy and beginner classes (like "Skill Builders for the Constant Companion") to more advanced learning opportunities like "Tricks for Fun" and "Calm, Cool, and Collected," offering plenty of chances to have fun with your dog, expose him to new experiences, and strengthen the bond between you. Check out the schedule here.

Meanwhile, Jordan's hoping you'll come meet him, fall in love, and take it from there.

Posted on: October 8, 2019

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