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Mendocino Coast Humane Society 2013

Since we last checked in with the good folks at Mendocino Coast Humane Society, who have been pitching in since 2001 to help the county's critters in need, they've continued to enlist community support to save lives and make things better. 

"It's amazing how people can come together to help make life more bearable for the homeless pets in a shelter," says director Sharon Felkins. Like a volunteer who recently came up with most of the funding for Kita's Kitty Kottage, where the cats live contentedly, socializing  in roomy surroundings, and people can hang out with them in a relaxed setting. Not only are the cats happier, but Felkins says there's been a dramatic drop in returned adoptees since the Kitty Kottage opened.

The cat environment has been such a success, she says, that they're now in the process of clearing a large piece of land for the resident dogs. "Even though there are several yards for them to play in," Felkins says, "they're not quite big enough for play groups. So we're moving forward to clear an acre and a half for them."

Currently awaiting a home is handsome Bear, who comes from a mysterious gene pool: mastiff? boxer? something with a really curly tail? What his friends at the shelter know is that he's a large, powerful young dog who seems to have had very little training, but is sweet, willing and able to learn. He'd love to have his own person to bond with, who would help him learn his manners and really shine. A dog playmate? Even better. Learn more about him here.

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Posted on: October 8, 2013

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