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Tails of Gray

Bronco. Photo Courtesy: Tails of Gray
Bronco. Photo Courtesy: Tails of Gray

These days, senior dogs often end up homeless through no fault of their own and don't fare well when they land in overcrowded, stressful shelters very unlike the loving homes they once knew. Or worse, after who knows how many years of neglect. But things are looking up a bit for these elder dogs, as a growing number of rescue groups focus on getting them to safety and into loving homes for the rest of their days.

That's the story behind Tails of Gray, a recently formed 501(c)(3) organization in Clayton. Explains Tails of Gray's Stephanie Meissner: "We offer safety and love to senior dogs regardless of breed, health or ease of placement." Tails of Gray's elderly guests receive necessary medical care and TLC as they wait for their new families to come along, however long that takes.

"These senior dogs are typically gentle, offer calm companionship, require little training and are eternally grateful," Meissner adds. "Most came to us through shelters where they had been unclaimed strays, including Cynthia, our terrier, who is blind and was found stuck in a fence. Others enjoyed a fabulous life and had it whisked away in a short amount of time. Molly Pitcher was loved her entire life by her dad and about to be euthanized by his adult kids after he passed away because she is 'too old.' We disagree!"

Currently awaiting his new home and next adventure is Bronco, a 10-year-old Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix who's a great companion to humans and dogs alike. He enjoys a quiet snuggle on the couch, but he's also up for fun outings. He gets around fine on his own four legs, but if you want to carry him around he won't complain a bit. He's been entertaining his foster family with his silly antics, and he'd love to show them off for you. Get the details on him here.

Tails of Gray will soon be holding adoption events, and in the meantime is actively looking for loving and dedicated foster homes. "Fostering senior dogs is a lifesaving endeavor and rewarding in multiple ways," says Meissner, "and every foster family helps save a life we may not have been able to save otherwise." Is this you? Find out more.

Photo Courtesy: Tails of Gray

Posted on: May 12, 2016

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