Redefining Animal Rescue

Redefining Animal Rescue

Kids and dogs
Keeping the family together. (CC) somthing.from.nancy
We wanted to share this story from Jessica Gary at BarkPost about a group of dedicated volunteers in Los Angeles revolutionizing the way shelters are handling pups, and their families in need, that may be the catalysis to keeping more dogs out of shelters and with the families who love them.

Downtown Dog Rescue founder Lori Weise has discovered that many of the pets that get dropped off at shelters are not left by horrible, uncaring people. Often times people are forced to surrender their pets due to costs for vet bills, rental deposits or impound fees that the family simply cannot afford.

To help support low-income families struggling to care for their beloved pets, and to keep shelter space open for animals that are truly in need, Downtown Dog Rescue, with the support of Found Animals Foundation and South Los Angeles Shelter, launched the Shelter Intervention Program in 2013.

The program is a wonderful success! In the first 9 months of the program, 2,0141 pets were kept in their homes and out of the shelter.

Find out more about how the program works and where to donate!

Posted on: August 19, 2014

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