City of Sacramento's Front Street Shelter

City of Sacramento's Front Street Shelter

We've told you before about the dramatic turnaround of the City of Sacramento's Front Street shelter. Once a dark and deadly place for dogs, it's much safer and happier these days, thanks to an upbeat staff and an extended network of hundreds of volunteers, fosters, and local rescues. As well as generous supporters who make a life-saving

Dog and his friend
Poe and his friend, Kennedy

This boy originally lived on the streets with a homeless couple, and when he was hit by a car and severely injured, they had no money to care for him. Luckily for him, they also knew about Front Street, and that's where they brought him. Supporters chipped in to pay for his initial surgery -- and then, when it turned out that his mangled leg couldn't be saved, a second surgery to remove it. By the time the young Lab/pit mix had healed up, his people were nowhere to be found, so he's now in foster care awaiting his perfect match. Here he is with his pal Kennedy, who loves him but can't adopt, and so she's sponsoring his adoption to the perfect home.

His foster reports that he's adjusting nicely to tripod status, and he gets along well with the two resident neutered male dogs and also the cat. Like many a Lab mix, he's got plenty of energy, and will do well with a loving, patient person who keeps up his training and gives him lots of fun activities. Is he a fit for your family? Find out here.

Posted on: January 14, 2015

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